Pink Ceramic nail BIT 5

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High quality ceramic cutter

Detailed information

Product detailed description

• High quality ceramic cutter
• Use in both manicures and pedicures
• High grinding performance
• It is light, yet hard and durable, does not heat up, is sharp
• Antiallergenic - suitable for clients allergic to metal
• Easy maintenance - sterilization and disinfection
• Suitable for all standard nail grinders
Designed primarily for sanding material, not suitable for natural nails
• Blue and green stripe indicates medium to greater roughness - recommended for gel, poly gel, acrylic, acrylic gel
• Can also be used in pedicures to sand horny skin
• Removes mass very gently and does not cause vibrations
• Bit diameter: 2.35 mm
• Width of the grinding head at the widest point: 6 mm
• Grinding head length: 15 mm
• Full bit length: 51.5
• Not suitable for children, for people with little or no experience

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