GEL POLISH SYSTEM step by step



GEL POLISH SYSTEM step by step:

Perfect preparation and workflow is the key to the durability of professional nail care.


1 Remove any old material and clean the nails with a cleaner to remove grease and moisture from the nail. Soak the cellulose swab in a cleaning fluid and gently wipe the nail plate. Be sure to clean the entire area, especially the nail mounds and the cuticle area - nail cuticles.

2 Then use a very fine natural nail file to gently roughen your nail, making sure to gently roughen the nail wall and cuticle area as well.

The line, however, has such a strong adhesion that in many cases it allows the material to be applied even without filing the top layer of the nail.

3 Use a new cellulose swab dipped in a cleaner to remove dust after roughening the nail. Avoid touching the surface of the nail with your finger to avoid transferring grease which will not adhere to the material.



1 Start with your left hand and apply a single thin layer of Lux Base Gel (for advanced nail designers: an excellent method is the "fan base" technique into your nail plate, which you can learn in detail in our tutorials or videos of our nail technicians.)

2 Apply 4 fingers at a time and polymerize in a professional LUXRAY UV/LED lamp. The area after polymerization will have an exudate layer which should not be touched.

3 Continue applying your thumb and then polymerize for 30 seconds. Be careful of the straight thumb position when curing.

4 When you are done with all your fingers, you can continue to the next step.

5 You can apply the unsprayed effusion in a thin layer of Lux Gel Lac. Continue with the second layer if necessary. Polymerize for 30 seconds in a LUXRAY UV/LED lamp. Do not wipe or touch the effusion again.

6 After the polymerization, apply the Lux Gel Top Finishing Gel to the second layer of ink. Let cure for 60sec.

7 After the finishing gel has cured, wipe the lint with a cellulose swab soaked in all the nails. Be sure to clean the nail mounds and cuticle areas thoroughly. The result is a high diamond luster that develops over the next few days.

8 Continue with your right hand using the same steps.

9 Finally, drip a drop of caring oil and gently massage into the cuticles not only in the area of ​​the nail Matrix, but also in the area of ​​the nail walls.



1 Perfect preparation before the gel paint system is a Russian manicure system that "lifts" the skin for 30 minutes and we get the paint visually "under" her.

2 The art of true painting is also the basis of success. Nail varnish with a brush in the same layer in three strokes with the final fixation of the free edge of the nail, the skin area can be tightened with a micro brush detailer.

3 If we buy the cleaner and home, polishing the nails will guarantee a diamond shine lasting weeks.

4 Before applying the gel lacquer system, it is highly professional to treat and nourish potentially brittle, cleavable, yellowed or sawn and damaged nails. For this purpose we created a salon ritual of care for hands and nails in 100% natural aromatherapy quality with deeply nourishing sera with anti-aging effects of ENII NATURAL. This nourishment can last for several weeks, but the result of healthy nails is really worth the effort before applying non-toxic top rows.



1 This product is not suitable for children. Keep out of reach of children.

2 Avoid contact with skin. The product should not be applied outside the nail, to the surrounding cuticles. If this occurs, wash with soap and water before curing. If skin irritation occurs, see a doctor.

3 Avoid eye contact. If this occurs, wash with a few minutes of water and consult a doctor if the eye is irritated.

4 Do not use this product if you have an allergy or have previously experienced an allergic or other non-standard reaction to nail polish.

5 Professional, always use disinfectant and rubber gloves when applying.

6 Recommended storage: keep tightly closed, at room temperature, without direct sunlight, also be aware of direct contact with UV or LED lamps not only in the lamp, which can also cure slightly and then reduce its functionality.

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