Cosmoprof is the most important international trade fair dedicated to the cosmetics supply chain and all its various components: ingredients and raw materials, contract and private label production, packaging, applicators, machines, automation and full-service solutions. We have been proudly participating in this fair for several years and we have seen considerable success.

Due to the current economic and emergency situation due to Covid-19, this year's edition was completely canceled and postponed to next year.

Thanks to modern technology, the fair is held at least digitally.


WeCOSMOPROF is a digital event for a global beauty community, a marketplace full of networking and business opportunities, inspiring content and live demonstrations.

From June 4-10, exhibitors, buyers and beauty professionals will be able to communicate, create business opportunities and discover future trends in the cosmetics industry, thanks to a unique platform for digital commerce and presentation.


Together we can move forward and build a future of beauty.

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Due to the excellent results of the analysis of our products, we were invited to the worldwide beauty competition Cosmoprof awards. Our luxury professional concept 20FREE participates in the competition, including the new Rubber Sculpter, a new hybrid system, rubber system, poly gel, ultrastrong fiber and our exclusive Enii Natural.

Come with us to see which products we have in the competition.

LUXLAC lacquer system or air gel, lacquer based on air-drying gel. It does not contain the 20 most toxic substances commonly contained in similar products, contains Keratin, Vitamin E, B5, A Retinol and sweet almond protein, is vegan, which means that the products have not been tested on animals and animal components do not appear in dyes. The dyes have strong pigmentation and TOP ensures a wonderful shine and color protection.


Furthermore, our hot iron in the fire is the GELlak system. LUX GEL LAC, mentioned several times, is slowly and surely reaching the subconscious of our customers. Its properties have appealed to experts in nail cosmetics far beyond the borders of our republic. As an innovative product, without the 20 most toxic substances, full of vitamins and keratin in beautiful color collections and, of course, vegan, which strengthens, nourishes and, most importantly does not damage natural nails, it goes very high. Our 20FREE concept, which is created in our experimental laboratory, is one of the most interesting technological achievements of professional nail cosmetics this year. We are curious about its location.

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Another product that our products will struggle with in the world competition is our brand new "family member" and that is the 20FREE Rubber SCULPTER, which will be something to see in our offer. It is a very plastic construction gel of "rubber" consistency, which opens up new possibilities for your creativity, with incredible lightness and a natural feeling on the nail. We offer 7 beautiful shades, including transparent and white, from body, nude to light pink. Liquefied liquefied nutrition - Keratin, Vitamin A Retinol and minerals - were added to the formula in a unique way. It works beautifully, does not leak and exposes a long fingernail. It is also important to note that the customer does not burn in the lamp. We are all looking forward to it.

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Rubber Sculpter is a continuation of our Rubber system, which has been used successfully for more than a year not only as home care, but also on a professional level. This product already has its award, the innovative product of 2019. The rubber system is part of the Enii Classic and we are working hard to make it even better.


An important part of nail cosmetics is our new Hybrid System. Cleaner, Universal Remover and Oil. Hybrid Cleaner - Professional nail cleaner with enhanced effect for polishing nails to a high gloss, for wiping the exudate layer and for degreasing the natural nail. The universal Hybrid Remover with castor oil is used to remove the gel paint system, one steps, bases, air gels and paint system. So you only need one product. And the last part of the hybrid system is the nail oil, which treats the cuticle after modeling or as a final treatment after removing the material.

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Another product is Poly Gel. It is a product of the latest, innovative technology in gel nail modeling. Poly Gel is a hard gel, but at the same time much more flexible than acrylic. It is basically a combination of the best properties of an acrylic and gel system in one product.

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Another contestant is Enii Ultrastrong Fiber Gel. It is a single-phase gel, whose special production formula ensures perfect adhesion, high plasticity and prevents the gel from cracking. It has self-leveling effects and acrylic strength. It does not contain acids and is hypoallergenic.


And the last iron in the fire is our wellness luxury set Enii NATURAL. 100% natural, absolutely unique, exclusive and luxurious line of cosmetics in aromatherapy quality. The resulting line, which is intended not only for the salon ritual of hand and nail care, but also for facial care. The whole range is based on high-quality raw materials such as cold-pressed vegetable oils and only natural fragrances are used - essential oils, which are obtained from plants that penetrate much deeper into our skin and which harmonize not only our body but also our soul.

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We are very honored to be able to exhibit at this fair, even if only virtually this year. We really appreciate invitations to the competition and nominations of our products. Even if we do not place on any of the leading positions, just participating next to world-famous brands is a great honor for us. And we thank the entire ENII team and especially you, our customers, for being with us all those years and we will do everything to ensure that our product lines are constantly improved and achieve the highest quality in the world.

Think of us, your ENII.


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