Rocklac versus gel polish

Both products are designed for natural nails. They can also be used with gel nails. The durability increases after the application.
Rocklac is one of the most advanced methods for coating natural nails. Its application and removal are simple. Gel polish is similar product, but it is more difficult to apply.


When working with gel polish the following products are needed: UV lamp, white block, top/base coat, chosen colour gel polish, nail cleaner, gel polish remover, remover wraps, wooden stick, wipe pads.

File natural nails gently in order not to damage them. Apply top/base coat and cure in UV lamp for 2 minutes. Gel polish produces so called sweat-layer on the top, it is viscid layer made after curing in UV lamp. Do not remove the sweat layer. Apply a layer of colour gel polish and cure 2 minutes in UV lamp. Repeat the application and cure. Then apply top/base coat, cure the final layer and remove the sweat using nail cleaner. The durability is 3 - 4 weeks depending on the quality of the natural nails. When removing, file the top layer gently first, then apply gel polish remover. The wooden stick may be used for complete removal.


The significant difference is that Rocklac does not produce sweat layer and base/top coat is not used. This product is very popular, as home nail designers do not have to use so many products. The application is quick.
Remove oil using OFF remover, then apply colour Rocklak layer and cure it in LED lamp for 30 seconds. The application is very fast due to short curing time in LED lamp. The advantages of using LED lamp include fast curing and its life - bulbs are not changed. The second layer is cured in LED lamp for 1 minute. UV lamp may be used, but the curing time is 2 minutes.

The durability is 10 days. The application of Rocklac has to be very precise work, the layers must be thin. If you apply a thick layer, it does not cure properly, it undulates and peels off. 
To remove it, apply OFF remover on the foil wraps. Unwrap the nails and the wooden stick may be used for complete removal.

Nowadays a lot of women prefer fast application, so Rocklac is very popular. A wide selection of colours ensures the satisfaction of every woman.

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