SOS Powder gel is a product that helps to heal damaged nails caused, for example, by incorrect application or removal of gel varnishes.


It is suitable for manicure and pedicure, for men and women.

This little rescuer with his natural pinkish tinge covers the imperfections and unevenness of destroyed nails (nail powder). After use, nails look healthier, stronger and more perfect.

  • The contained alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) and silicon help to accelerate the regeneration and improve the metabolic reaction of the nail.
  • Jellyfish extract and vitamin E act as antioxidants, keeping nails flexible and in good condition.
  • The patented hexanal hardens and improves the condition of the nail.


Paint 1-2 coats of varnish on clean and dry nails. Let it air dry. The nail product lasts 7-10 days. A standard nail polish remover can be used for removal. To achieve flawless nails, we recommend applying regularly for 3-4 weeks.

We offer it in an 11 ml package in a bottle with a brush. HERE

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