Professional scissors STALEKS EXCLUSIVE SX-10/1 MAGNOLIA

Enii nails now offers you a professional nail manicure helper.

We are introducing the STALEKS brand in exclusive representation (distribution). Porsche in tools. Established in 1996, over the past 20 years, the brand has grown into the world's leading manufacturer of scissors, pusher, tweezers, pinch, nail files and exclusive manicure sets. If you thought that the best tools were manufactured in Germany, you would change your mind quickly

The STALEKS professional scissors from the Exclusive range with hand cut edges and narrow tip offer surgical precision cut with perfect lift. It is used for perfect cuticle removal. The scissors are made of medical, stainless steel and have a perfect balance between thickness and sharpness of the cutting surface. They have a traditional cutting edge (R300mm) and shortened handle for high precision movement. Hand-cut blades with microscope ensure long sharpness with extreme endurance.


Blade length: 21 mm

Design: Magnolia

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Recommended for deep (Russian) manicure.

Russian manicure is a nail treatment and a thorough treatment of the nail bed (cuticles around the nail), using special tools and creams to make your nails healthier, stronger and less brittle. This manicure using special techniques and finishes will improve the structure and health of your nails.

For Russian manicure we offer a course connected with Rubber system, so do not hesitate and enroll in the workshop, where you will learn a lot of attractions and news.


Enii nails offers a full range of manicure aids for nail treatment and nail cuticles.

Nail drill, files, cuticle pusher or cuticle cutters. Nail and cuticle manicure scissors as well as professional quality pliers.

A great helper is also a cuticle remover or gel cuticle remover, which not only facilitates work but also disinfects and removes dirt.

At the end of your nail modeling, we recommend using an oil with a fragrance that has regenerative effects.

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