We welcomed a new "member" to our HYBRID system, namely HYBRID SANITISER UNIVERSAL. It is a high-quality disinfectant that can be used on skin, surfaces and tools. Its composition is 70% really good alcohol, water, glycerol and a high percentage of aloe vera extract.


Aloe vera has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years and its use is widespread throughout the world. The oldest evidence of its use comes from early Egypt from 6000 years ago. Recently, its multifaceted effects have also been discovered by Western medicine and confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Two different primary products are obtained from aloe vera, fundamentally different in the composition of the active substances and in the use: latex (sometimes also referred to as aloe juice) and gel. Latex is usually dried and sold as a dark resinous substance. It has mainly laxative effects. In contrast, aloe gel is colorless and is mostly used fresh or industrially processed and preserved in various ways.

The so-called gel is present in the core part of the leaf, pure contains about 99% of water and 0.3% of various carbohydrates. Aloe gel is widely used in the food, medical and cosmetic industries for its great effects.

And precisely because of its great effects, our Hybrid sanitiser is so great, because it is aloe vera that provides hydration to your hands and leaves your skin beautifully smooth and soft.

While high-quality alcohol, which is 70% complete, completely destroys all bacteria and aloe protects your skin.


What does HYBRID mean?

Simply put, a HYBRID is a combination of two similar components and the resulting product combines the best features of both parent components. Hybrid products are generally better quality, more durable, stronger, more efficient. The only disadvantage of the hybrid is the price, which depends on the complexity of development, but this relative disadvantage is many times compensated by a significantly higher utility value.


So our new HYBRID SANITISER UNIVERSAL meets everything we ask of it. It is strong in the fight against bacteria and at the same time gentle and gentle on our skin.

ENII NAILS offers it in a 100 ml package with a pump and sprayer for easy and convenient application


and in a 500 ml refill pack




As you may have noticed, in connection with COVID-19, a cheap product called anticovid appeared on the market, unlike other disinfectants. The idea is why an anticovide is so cheap. The development and certification of quality disinfectants costs a lot of effort, takes more than a year and costs tens to hundreds of thousands. Which means return on time according to consumption.

The anticovid was developed and paid for by the WHO (World Health Organization) and everyone who could offer it and can produce it again is no longer valid, which made it significantly cheaper.

Likewise, high-quality disinfectants contain ingredients that prevent the loss of hydration due to alcohol and have caring and care elements that protect and nourish our skin.

Anticovid has no such ingredient, therefore the skin is irritated, dry and must be treated with another product. This information is confirmed by the fact that Anticovid can only be used 10 times a day, which is stated on the label!


The resulting Anticovid product is a cheap and suitable disinfectant for solving a temporary crisis, it should not have room for longer-term use, especially for professionals in all fields.

As professionals in our field, we recommend using quality products that we also offer.

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