Is a professional nail care based on rubber gel BASE & BUILDER & TOP. These products are exclusive Gels of new generation, suitable for very problematic, fragile and damaged nails. Unique composition is free of hazardous substances and solvents, keeps nails healthy and strong. It does not burn in the lamp when curing.

Thanks to the new technology they are very elastic and flexible, compensate for unevenness of the nail bed surface and correct all imperfections of natural nail. They also nourish and strengthen damaged nails and multiply the gloss of the color shade.

We guarantee extra strong adhesive properties, long durability of nails without gaps and bubbles even in a thin layer. They have a denser consistency, so they do not flow to the cuticle. TOP is also elastic and flexible, but also with high gloss and long durability.


Rubber base builder is a gel system that helps us to simply improve the shape and length of the nail. It was created for manicurists who want to work quickly and efficiently.

Let's take a look at what this system brings to us in practice. The consistency of the rubber base builder is medium to thick cream, which is a great advantage when applied to the nail itself. It stays exactly where we put it. It does not tend to leak into the ramparts, so it is also suitable for beginning manicurists.

Since it is in a bottle with a brush that is round, you get the material deep into the wall.This allows for rapid work and prevents bubbles and lifting the gel from the nail. The advantage is that you don't need additional tools to apply. So you can create a nail extension with just one bottle that already contains the brush.

Application method:

Base & Builder is the base and building gel in one, but these phases must be done individually. The base phase is applied to a pre-roughened nail in a thin layer. As a second step we use the same bottle and slightly model the nail for perfect modeling without filing. This will save you a few minutes of work and dust. Cure in UV / LED lamp for 30 sec. Then we can apply the color or leave it in the natural location. As a third step, apply a flexible and very glossy top, cure in a UV / LED lamp for 60 seconds, wipe the effusion and as a final care massage the oil on the nail cuticle.

If you decide to just strengthen the nail, just apply a small amount in two thin layers. The rubber base is very flexible and elastic, thus adopting the flexibility of the nail. The result is a long-lasting manicure that will be appreciated by every customer.

Rubber base builder is made in three basic colors. Clear, Beige, Pink and Top coat.

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Rubber base builder clear is suitable as a base for building materials. For those of you who like pure construction gels, this is a good choice.

Rubber base beige and pink are camouflage gels. They are suitable for both nail strengthening and bed extension for nail modeling.

Because the rubber base builder system is rubber-based, it does not destroy your nail files or expensive milling cutters.

And because it does not contain hazardous substances and solvents, it also does not destroy your nails, on the contrary it has a positive effect on the growth itself.

How to remove rubber base builder from nail?

I recommend using a finer file, preferably with a roughness of 180/180 or a maximum roughness of 150/150. Fine cutters can also be used if you prefer grinding your nail.

With a coarse grain file, you increase the risk of injuries to the cuticle nail or scalp on the nail itself. The removal must always be carried out very gently and carefully. The rubber base builder can also be removed by dipping or wrapping the nail in aluminum foil using an acetone remover. The average removal time is about 15-20 min.

It depends on how large the layer of material on the nail and whether you have used other material, such as colored Gel polish or gel.

This system is very special. It will make your work easier. It saves time and your customers will be happy to come back to you. We can definitely recommend it for our team.

Enii nails offers a RUBBER SYSTEM workshop

Revolutionary method in modeling, or strengthening of natural nails - so-called modeling without filing! A very fast way, clean work - saving time - that's the Rubber system. Feel free to try. Simplicity, speed, beauty, health.

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