ENII NAILS brings to the market a completely new collection of nail brushes. Brushes for gel and acrylic modeling, brushes for various decorating techniques and nail art. In order to orient ourselves correctly in the brushes, we will talk about them.



The brushes are made of 4 materials

  • Natural hair
  • Synthetic hair
  • Natural bristles
  • Synthetic bristles

The climate is very important for natural hair and bristles. The colder the area and the weather, the better the quality.

přírodní vlas a štětina AJ


Natural hair has one individual tip and the hair surface is rough.

Natural hair includes:

  • Kolinsky - the best known, highest quality, most expensive - hair of the Siberian weasel
  • Red sable - very valuable hair, similar to Kolinsky - various weasels or martens
  • Squirrel hair - very thin and soft, low elasticity, suitable for very fluid colors - from the tail of a squirrel
  • Ox hair - suitable for water color and oil - bull's ear hair
  • Fitchew - high adhesion of paint and water, lower flexibility - from the tail of a polecat
  • Badger - nice shape, used for example as a shaving brush - badger hair
  • Pony - also known as camel fur, used only for school brushes - made of pony fur
  • Goat - used only on large brushes, such as face powder - from the back of the goat



Synthetic hair has one individual tip and the surface is even and smooth. They mimic the attributes of natural hair, available in a variety of diameters and colors. They are increasingly replacing natural hair, as its quality is constantly increasing and they achieve the properties of natural hair. The highest quality "artificial hair" was developed by TORAY in Japan.

Synthetic hair includes:

  • Toray - is a synthetic hair of very good quality, high elasticity, high retention of shape, suitable for acrylic paints and oil paintings
    "Toray" selection gold - the best in flexibility, retention shape and color retention
  • Tiger Toray - each fiber has an extremely conical shape, the highest fluid holding
  • Toray Sablinsky - imitation Kolinsky hair with a mixture of different diameters
  • Wine red acrylic hair - hair with a specially strong fiber, good elasticity
  • Korex - Imitation Toray - Use for hobbies
  • Ponex - Pony hair replacement, 100% bacteriologically harmless

Hair mix

  • They are used squirrels, ponies, goats, oxen, sables
  • They have more flexibility
  • For economic reasons
  • Due to the different properties of individual natural and synthetic hair, it is very difficult to optimize them, so different mixes are used



The bristle, unlike the hair, is finished with several tips - the so-called flag. The surface of the natural bristle is rough. It must be thoroughly cleaned and bleached before the bristles can be used. Naturally twisted bristles are tied, cooked and dried. After this process, they are separated in equal length from the root shaft to the flag.

Natural bristles are mainly porcine and mostly come from China. They are especially strong because they grow in the wild. They are usually taken from the back of the pig, as there are the longest and strongest bristles. The colors are white, bleached, gray and black. Art brushes are mainly bleached white.



Synthetic bristles can have one or more ends. The surface is relatively smooth. Synthetic bristles are mainly prepared in Germany and the basic material is Nylon 612. During various mechanical processes, a synthetic bristle is produced, which is further processed.

The most famous synthetic bristles are:

  • Tynex (Dupont brand for Nylon 612) - pointed, slotted. It is mainly used on thick acrylic brushes and brushes for painting fabrics
  • Acrylon - bristle with a single tip, the strongest and hardest fiber used for art brushes
  • Brislon - perfect imitation of natural bristles with artificial flag, light color as natural bristle, suitable for oil and acrylic



  • Water and color capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Strength and length of tips
  • Preserving shape
  • Bacteriological safety


This way we divided the brushes according to the material used, now we will talk about the most famous and common.

For those who have already met the name TORAY and have no idea what it is, this is a Japanese company engaged in the production of artificial hair, and this artificial hair took the name Toray. So "TORAY" = artificial hair.

Synthetic hair Tiger Toray - are synthetic hair that is very flexible, but always retains its shape. It is the highest quality hair and it is the best synthetic hair on the market. Each fiber has an extremely conical shape. Thanks to its properties, the application of the gel is accurate and easy.

Synthetic hair Dark Red - special strong fibers, but very fine. They are characterized by good elasticity, high retention of shape and abrasion and are very durable.

"Toray" Selection Gold - these are stiffer synthetic fibers, which hold their shape perfectly thanks to their properties. They are durable and easy to clean. They have excellent and soft tips and hold the edge, making the application simple, accurate and controllable.

Kolinsky hair - natural hair of the highest quality, but also prices. They are obtained from an animal living in the Siberian region. This is the Siberian Weasel or Kolonoka, known as Kolinsky. The hair is obtained from the tails of mostly males, the original is light red with darker tips. These animals do not succeed in captivity, so they are obtained by capture. And because they are isolated in the geographical areas of Siberia and northern China, they are difficult to capture, and the fact that other natural and artificial bristles are not of comparable quality makes them rare and expensive.

Red Sable or Pure Sable - this is natural hair from various martens or weasels. They are slightly cheaper than Kolinsky and their service life is also slightly shorter. However, their quality is also very high.



GEL - for gel modeling we choose brushes suitable for scooping UV / LED gel, so it is necessary to use a flat brush with which you can easily apply UV / LED gel on your nails and shape it into the right shape. There are several hair sizes and types. Furthermore, 2 shapes are used for gel modeling, either flat straight or flat oval. Enii Nails offers several types, which you can find HERE.


POLY GEL - a special brush is used on the poly gel, which has a spatula at one end to gain mass and a brush at the other end for shaping. We also offer a device that has a silicone tip at the ends, which can be used to shape the poly gel. We offer a poly gel brush HERE.

ACRYLIC - round brushes with a tip are used for modeling acrylic nails. The most common sizes are 8 and 10, and the finest hairs that use liquid are perfectly used for these brushes. We offer these brushes HERE.


NAIL ART - there are a lot of brushes for nail art and decorating. The most important brush that no one should miss is the detailer, or extra thin brush, which is suitable for detailed work around the cuticle and nail walls. You can also paint a French manicure or thin lines with it. It's simply a brush you have to have. Another very popular is, for example, a brush for ombré, or a gradual transition of colors, for glitter and many others. You can find our offer HERE.

nail art



tvary aplikace


If we want the brush to last us as long as possible, it is also necessary to take good care of it.

  • Never leave the brush in the water or detergent for too long - the brush head may come loose or the sleeve may start to rust
  • Clean the brush thoroughly - head and sleeve
  • Dry the moisture with a clean cloth or napkin
  • Place the brush upside down to dry
  • Dry at room temperature
  • Clean the brushes you use on UVLED gels properly and store them in a dark place. This will prevent direct light from curing the remnants of the gel left on the brush.


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