Perfectly manicured hands are our calling card. We repeat it over and over again, but repetition is the mother of wisdom. Not only a nice shape and the right shade of polish necessarily mean that everything is as it should be. An untidy cuticle or fingers full of hangnails can spoil the overall impression.

Don't despair if you don't know how to deal with this problem. ENII NAILS is expanding its manicure tools with new high-quality cuticle tools and thus solving your problems perfectly.



What is the importance of the nail cuticle

The cuticle around the nail plate plays quite an important role. It protects the nail bed from attack by pathogens. So why should we remove it? It's all about the beauty of the nail. Thick or torn cuticles that extend into the nail often look unkempt. But it's not just about the visual impression. Corns can cause painful inflammation. But if you take care of the cuticles around your nails regularly, there's no risk of health problems and you'll still look good.


To cut or not to cut

Definitely don't cut your nails during a traditional manicure. Thick cuticles worry many of us. If you let it grow as much as it wants, it's harder to get nutrients to the nail bed. But the wrong use of scissors or clippers can cause snags and bleeding. Open wounds can easily become infected. If you are inexperienced, leave it to the experts (nail technicians) and don't go to any great lengths.


So how to take care of the cuticle properly?

Softener and pusher. As the name suggests, cuticle softener (which you can buy here under the name Cuticle Remover or Gel Cuticle Remover softens the cuticle around the nail and makes its removal much easier. Application is easy, effective and gentle. The product works by applying around, on and under the nail bed, massaging gently with the fingers and leaving it on for 2 - 3 minutes. The softened cuticle is then pushed or removed with a pusher. There are many cuticle pushers on the market, but we definitely recommend the metal ones. They are durable, long-lasting and can be disinfected.

ENII NAILS now offers 3 types of very high quality cuticle pushers.






What's a Pusher?

Pusher, or excavator. It's all one and the same tool. It is a manicure tool that is used to remove or push the nail cuticles. By using a pusher on your nails, you provide more room for grooming and decorating (nailart) with polishes, gels and gel polishes.

All the pushers we offer are stainless steel, double-sided, sanitizable with a non-slip handle. They are suitable for manicures and pedicures, for home and professional use.

This tool should definitely not be missing in any home or professional salon.

TIP: The Pusher is also the ideal "scoop" for scooping and mixing glitter, glitter or powder. There are no limits to the imagination.


Cuticle scissors and manicure clippers



If you don't cut the cuticle, what are scissors and cuticle nippers for?

Surely you've come across terms like "deep", "instrument" or "Russian manicure". That's exactly what cuticle scissors and nippers are for. In these types of manicures, it is the cuticle that is removed in depth. The pusher is pushed in slightly, the cutters are used to lift the cuticle and the excess skin is cut away. Both scissors and forceps can be used to cut the cuticle. Something different suits everyone. As a rule, pliers are used more for pedicure.

This method should be used mainly by professionals who are trained and experienced. Unprofessional handling can do more harm than good. Anyway, cuticles removed in this way are mainly done before gel, poly gel or acrylic application which makes the nails look perfect.

ENII NAILS offers brand new high-quality cuticle scissors and cuticle nippers that remove cuticles precisely and perfectly. Just choose.

Manicure cuticle scissors

All new scissors are made of stainless steel with a satin matt finish. They are disinfectable and suitable for sterilizer. The thin ends of the blades facilitate access to the cuticle and have a natural curve for precise cutting. Narrow and sharp blades ensure a perfect grooming in home and professional care. The medium-sized handles ensure perfect comfort when working and their long life will please your wallet too.


Manicure clippers/clamps

Like the scissors, the pliers are made of high-quality stainless steel with a velvety matt finish. They are disinfectable and suitable for the sterilizer. They are easy to handle. The sharp blades are adapted to easily reach the cuticles on both hands and feet. They are shaped in such a way that working with them meets all comfort and efficiency requirements. We offer three different designs that have different spring shapes and blade spacing. So everyone can find what suits and fits them best.


So these tools should definitely not be missing in any home or salon of professionals.


Bumps, small wounds, manicure aftercare

If you haven't been taking good care of your cuticles and nails and you suffer from corns and painful, inflamed wounds, we have help for you here too. ENII NAILS has a wide range of high-quality cosmetics that solve exactly these problems. It is an honest Moravian handmade product, where along with natural oils there are also vitamins and extracts from medicinal herbs.




In the first line against twists and minor wounds are the 5-in-1 Multifunctional Balm, Multifunctional Butter and Lemon Balm Oil.

The 5-in-1 balm, where the natural base of the balm is made up of a proportion of argan oil, avocado oil and shea butter, with the addition of lemon balm essential oil, is perfect for zits.

The balm has softening, moisturising and nourishing properties, plus it has a healing effect on minor wounds and cold sores. The avocado oil content makes the balm suitable for dry, very sensitive, irritated and tired skin. Argan oil promotes cell renewal and skin regeneration. With a drop of lemon balm essential oil, the balm not only has positive effects on the skin, but also imparts a very pleasant and soothing scent. We offer a larger pack for home use and a small pack for your handbag. The perfect care is always within reach. Read more about the balm here.

The butter with a wonderful, long-lasting raspberry scent is suitable for skin care and helps treat skin conditions including blemishes, itching, sunburn and skin wounds.

The butter has a high content of only natural vegetable oils (castor, argan, avocado, coconut), as well as waxes, minerals and fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, D, F, K. It has softening, moisturizing and nourishing properties, in addition to healing small wounds or sores. Thanks to its avocado oil content, the butter is suitable for dry, very sensitive, irritated and tired skin. Argan oil promotes cell renewal and skin regeneration. Like the 5-in-1 Balm, the butter comes in smaller and larger packages. Learn more about the butter and its ingredients here.

Lemon balm oil is based on olive oil, which is suitable for dry, inflamed, allergic, irritated or otherwise damaged skin. Thanks to the addition of other oils, such as avocado oil or wheat germ oil, the product has significant regenerating and revitalizing properties. To soothe irritated skin, the formula is enriched with lemon balm essential oil, which not only has positive effects on the skin, but also gives the oil a pleasant scent. Its use is recommended after every cuticle treatment, nail modelling or even as a prevention to keep your cuticles in great condition. Learn more about the oil and its great effects here.



We've told you how to take care of your cuticles, now it's your turn. Pamper yourself. And don't forget your partners. Men can have nice, manicured hands too. Treat them to hand care too. Men are your calling card :-)

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