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Advantageous set for acrylic modeling. It contains all necessary products.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Advantageous set contains:

  • Acrylics transparent 45 ml
  • Hardener liquid clear 100 ml
  • Ceramic dish with lid
  • 1x acrylic colored
  • Nail form 100 pcs
  • Super Stick
  • Files Zebra MIX
  • Cosmo square test set 40 pcs
  • Glue with brush
  • Acrylic brush 6
  • Brush cleaner
  • Guillotine
  • Wooden stick
  • Block
  • Cuticle oil


Apply over natural nails, nail tips and nail forms.

Advantages of acrylic nail system:

- no crystallization: acrylics absorb liquid - hardener. This means that during the application sculpting of acrylics is easy and quick without crystallization.

- strong and flexible: acrylics are totally waterproof, provide unique strength and optimal adhesion, provide permanent amount of flexibility.

- intensity and colour: all the colours were dye trialed (no yellowing) and are fully UV-resistant.

1 Disinfect both designer’s and client’s hands. Remove cuticles using a wooden stick, apply cuticle remover if necessary. Shorten the nails to the desired length.

2 File the nail beds with a nail file 180/180 until they are rough, then remove the dust using a dust brush.

3 Choose the appropriate size of a nail tip and stick it to each nail using tip glue and a brush. Remove the redundant tip glue using wipe pads. File the nails to clear out the bond between the nail tip and the natural nail with a 150/150 file, do not damage natural nails. Apply primer over the natural nails and dry them. In the case of using nail forms apply one layer of primer and then the forms. Be careful of correct angle.

4 Dip the brush - natural in the acrylic liquid, then dip in the acrylic powder and start off sculpting. The applied layers dry quickly, so the application has to be fast.

5 File the nails and apply nail art of your choice.

6 In case of the French manicure, apply the first thin layer of white acrylic powder instead of the French manicure modeling system.

7 Apply a thin layer of top UV gel or use a shiner to get top finish shine.

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