Neon Diamond Cat Eye 5.Melon Magnetic gel polish

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Magnetic Gel varnish in neon summer colors with a diamond effect.

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Magnetic Gel varnish in neon summer colors with a diamond effect.

Give in to beautiful summer colors with our new magnetic gels. Thanks to the magnetic particles contained in gellak, Cat eye gel offers more possibilities and creativity, and its effects depend on the magnetic rod used and the way you use it. A magnetic rod is needed to create effects. However, you can create beautiful nails even without a magnet, because the magnetic particles contained in gellak glitter beautifully over the entire surface of the painted nail and thus create a diamond effect.


  • Non-toxic, minimal odor, non-damaging to nails.
  • Suitable for natural, gel, polygel and acrylic nails.
  • It is semi-transparent, it can be used separately, you can highlight its color on a white background and add fullness to the color on the
  • same colored background.
  • It is flexible, does not crack
  • Medium thick consistency
  • It allows you to have a professional or home artistic nail design.


  1. Clean the nails and then treat the nail surface as a normal process
  2. Shake the gel varnish completely to balance the color of the gel. (Important)
  3. First, apply a base coat that can extend the life of the gel varnish, cure in a UV / LED lamp.
  4. Apply a layer of white or the same colored gel (The effect is more pronounced on the substrate), but it is not necessary, it also looks good on a natural nail without a substrate
  5. Apply a layer of magnetic gel, keeping the magnet close to the nail surface (2-3 mm) for 5-10 seconds to create an effect. Then harden immediately
  6. Apply the top layer (top) and harden it.



1. Apply remover foil and soak in Remover for 5 to 10 minutes.
2. The product starts to soften and you can gently remove it with an orange stick

Removal with remover and remover foil is only possible from natural nails. On nail modeling, it can only be removed by sanding.

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