Gel polish 106. bloody red 11 ml

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It is suitable for both natural nails and gel nails.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

  • Suitable for both natural and gel nails.
  • The gel polish is applied lightly in thin layers like polish, lasting almost a month on the nails.
  • It is highly scratch-resistant and provides long-lasting colour.
  • The excellent feature is brilliant gloss for a long time.
  • It cures in a UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a LED lamp for 60 seconds.
    Disinfect the nails and remove oil using gel polish remover. File the nails finely, use white file block and remove dust. Apply a base layer of base/top coat and cure it in a UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a LED lamp for 60 seconds. Then apply a layer of colour gel polish and cure again in the lamp for the same time. Finally apply a top coat - base/top  giving high gloss and durability and cure the layer according to the lamp used. Finally, wipe out the sweating layer using cleaner. In case of damaged nails, use adhesion liquid in the first layer.
     Sweat-layer is not removed between the applied layers!

File finely the top layer of the gel polish, soak the remover wrap with the remover liquid (gel polish remover) and put it on the nail bed. After 7 - 10 minutes use a wooden stick to push the remaining gel polish off.

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