GROWN NAILS? We will advise you what to do with them

Do you want to do your nails alone in the comfort of your home? We will advise you how to do it.

First at all, we have to think about what we really want to do with our nails. Whether to remove artificial nails, mask the outgrowth or make your nails yourself. If we go into nail modeling, we should buy some kit or products needed for it. Kits are definitely a good buy. But who already owns a UV or LED lamp at home, so just buy the necessary things.

Enii nails has very convenient sets where everyone will definitely choose. The choice does not have to be as complicated as it seems at first sight. Just think about what you dare to do and especially what you are used to. If you dare to model with gel or acrylic, we offer advantageous sets where you will find everything you need. Both models require skill and strong nerves. However, our products work very well and you will certainly be able to do it as much as possible.



You don't need a lamp for acrylic modeling itself. You will need this until the final treatment, if you use a colored gel, or gellak, rocklac. If you don't want to spend money on a lamp, just use a classic varnish. We offer a wide range of beautiful colors including the final TOP, also drying in the air.

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We put a single-phase gel 3 in 1 into the set for modeling with UV / LED gel. It therefore serves as a base, construction and at the same time top gel. Working with it is very simple and you will surely manage it. We have a procedure for the kit, so if you are not sure, check out or we will be happy to advise you.



Another set more complex for modeling is POLYGEL. Anyone who has not come into contact with polygel may be slightly worried about it, but for myself I can say that it is the number one product for me. It works well and lasts my "lifestyle" :-) It is a combination of the best properties of acrylic and gel system in one product.

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Another set you definitely will not spoil is the set Rubber system. Rubber system is suitable for beginners and complete laymen. It is applied with a brush, as a varnish, so it is very simple to model. It features easy modeling without sawing. It has great properties and is also suitable for problematic nails.

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If you do not dare to model and want only nails groomed, so I recommend sets Gellak, Rocklac or our hot news LUX LAC GEL. We have all three sets in a smaller version or in an XL version.


I certainly don't have to introduce Gellak in any way, but even those who don't know can try it. It is suitable for gel or natural nails and has excellent properties. It is scratch resistant and lasts for a month. Of course, it depends on the quality of the nail. The gellak requires a floor / overcoat, so it is applied in three phases or four. Undercoat, 2xcolour, overcoat. It cures in a UV / LED lamp, the effusion between the individual steps is not wiped out until the last layer at the end.



Then there is Rocklac, it is one step thing. You apply 2x paint, cure and it is. No effusion and almost no work. This is an express method and a very simple way of painting nails. It lasts 10-14 days but again it depends on the quality of the nails.

rocklacsada COM   rocklacsadaxl com


Well, the best for the end. Our brand new collection of non-toxic LUX GEL LACS. Our 20-FREE toxicity line does not contain the 20 most toxic substances commonly found in similar products, on the contrary, what it contains are vitamins, keratin and sweet almond protein. Therefore, this great product does not harm our health, but supports it. We also focused on extreme endurance, diamond luster, exceptional pigmentation in a creamy consistency. The product is vegan, so no tests or ingredients was no testing on the animals. The application is very simple. As with gellak, apply base, 2x color and top. We harden in a lamp, wipe off the effusion and just enchant with beautiful nails.

luxgellak COM   luxgellakxl com

If you have chosen the right set, we can start.

First of all, it is necessary to strip off the original material. A file of roughness 150 will now be your best friend. We file carefully, thoroughly, but carefully.

If you want to remove the artificial fingernail completely, gradually soften the roughness of the file. As you approach a natural nail, be careful not to damage it more than it is. Once you have removed all the material, we recommend using some nutrition, such as Calcium and cuticle oil. If you still want your natural nails to be beautiful, but not burned them with chemistry, I recommend LUX GEL LAC or LUX LAC. It is a new line without the 20 most toxic substances and LUXGELLAC also has vitamins, sweet almond protein and keratin. LUX LAC has only keratin so far, but in the near future it will be as nutritious as LUXgel lac. If you want to nourish your damaged nails and still have them beautiful, you will definitely not step aside with this line.

If you want to start some nail modeling, try not to saw your natural nail and we pay attention to the cuticle. It is ideal to file the transition between artificial and natural nails so that you can compare the difference. Cut the nail file to the desired shape. We'll take care of the cuticle. We have cuticle softeners on offer, even in several sets. They are helpers who soften the cuticle, push it better and safely. We push the skin with an orange stick or various pushers. Once we have the nail filed, we can move the cuticle to the next step.

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If we have a filed nail, the cuticle is pressed, we will use the block to compare the imperfections and go to the modeling itself or the final adjustment. You will find the individual procedures for the sets themselves.

Do not forget to disinfect your hands.

And don't forget !! Each of us is unique and what nails we make will be. Especially if we feel good about them. And whatever they are, be yours and be proud of them. And girls, Hang on, those salons won't be closed forever.

Sample of our customer from home environment ...

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